Let’s Collaborate

What Is Foothills Nonprofit Collaborative?

Foothills Nonprofit Collaborative is a monthly forum where participants can contribute and learn nonprofit management techniques, fund development methodology and best practices. We discuss present-day issues and share information that enhances your knowledge and expertise to help your organization thrive.

Who’s Invited?

CEO’s, board members and development staff are invited to attend and there is no charge to participate.

Why Should I Attend?

Improving your professional skill set is important to your institution and to your supporters. Each session is a facilitated discussion with input from participants so that we can learn and share in a collaborative environment.

What Topics Are Discussed?

We focus our discussions on issues that are really important to nonprofit leaders. In fact, many topics are determined by the participants themselves. Subjects include common needs such as improving donor relationships and social media strategy, plus current issues that are changing the way we work including tax reform, impact on giving and fundraising during a pandemic.

Let’s Start Collaborating!

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